The Who, What, and How of Fall Prevention Programs

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Creating an effective fall prevention program requires engagement from all members of a team engaged in caregiving and provision. In skilled nursing centers, the interdisciplinary team must become a cohesive unit to ensure awareness and appropriate interventions to mitigate the risk of falls. During this session, individuals will learn about the importance of creating a fall prevention program, the necessity of involving as many team members as possible, how to effectively huddle, what to do post-accident/incident, and why a fall prevention program is vital. This overview of fall prevention provides insight that all care settings can utilize. A more detailed program is available that specifically addresses skilled nursing fall prevention programs as required in regulation.

  1. Enumerate some statistical data related to falls and its significance.
  2. Define falls, fall related injury and other terminologies.
  3. State the federal regulations related to accident supervision and falls, federal abuse prohibition, and related investigative protocol.
  4. Explain the proper MDS coding on Section J related to falls.
  5. Discuss some prevention strategies and the process of root cause analysis in determining cause(s) related to falls.
  6. Discuss care plan considerations related to fall prevention and potential interventions to implement for falls.
The Who, What, and How of Fall Prevention Programs

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