Medication Review to Reduce Fall Risk

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This presentation’s learning objectives include: understanding risk factors for falls. What makes older adults more susceptible to falls and why? Understanding what medical conditions can increase the risk of falls and why as well as their mechanisms. Next you should be able to understands what are Falls Risk Inducing Drugs, or FRIDS, and how those are identified and what we can do if we come across one on a med list. Finally you will be able to have a better understanding of what you can do to reduce falls within your own facility, home, or community.

  1. Understand risk factors for fall.
  2. Understand what makes older adults  more susceptible to falls.
  3. Understand medical conditions that increase risk of falls.
  4. Understand FRIDS (fall risk inducing drugs) on a medication list.

SPEAKER: Brittany Louie-Kiso, Pharm. D, RPH, BCGP

Brittany Louie-Kiso is a transitions of care and consultant pharmacist with Consonus Pharmacy. She is a fifth generation pharmacist and graduated from Oregon State University in 2017 and began working at Consonus as an operations pharmacist. In 2018 she transitioned into a consultant pharmacist position and has worked as a Transitions of Care Pharmacist performing admissions reviews for patients discharging from the hospital and moving into one of the skilled nursing facilities that they service. Her team of pharmacists reviews all available hospital documentation and compares it to skilled nursing and pharmacy medications and documents to make sure the patient is getting exactly what they need when they need it and they are starting their recovery on the right foot.

Medication Review to Reduce Fall Risk

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